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We are experiencing some transitional changes right now and many audio files are no longer available. If there is a particular show you would like to listen to, please contact us and we will do our best to get it to you.

Now you have a Web site, what do you do next? How do you market your site online and get it to show up in the search engines, gain visibility and start ranking for searches?

Our hosts and their expert guests share some of the most tightly-guarded industry secrets about marketing websites in the search engines and on the Internet. Gain valuable insights about the hottest new trends in Internet marketing and listen to the archives while at work, in the car, or at home.

Are you ready to delve into our SEO & SEM Podcast Directory for some free training?

"I'd like to say thank you SO much for your show and its content. I've listened to in the past and they tend to go off topic and not provide continuous quailty content such as your show does, so thanks again!"

- Ryan Hakes, Indianapolis, IN

"I have a lot of episodes still to listen to. But, the more episodes I hear, the more amazing the find is to me of having discovered eMTS. After each episode, I find myself wanting to drop you guys an email and say “thank you” for the highly relevant information you offer us. I also want to head over the show notes page to investigate the recommended links."

– Donald Roberts

“I wanted to thank you again for that jump disk with all those podcasts that I won at PubCon… Wow I just started to listen to them the other night and I am hooked, I love the show and I must say very good info… I normally hear SEO Radio events that really don’t get into real stuff and up to date info like you guys do.”

William Rock,

We welcome your feedback on our podcast show and hope to make our information and shows as relevant and helpful to your online business as possible.

Please provide us with your questions, suggestions for new guests, constructive criticism and praise.

Thanks in advance and stay tuned for more great information on SEO, PPC and other forms of Internet & Search Marketing!

Missed a show?

Our archives are available 24/7 for easy access to that episode you missed - or one that was particularly interesting to you.

Note: Audio files are posted after the show has aired.

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eMarketing Talk Show, a Free Internet Marketing Podcast where the Traffic Tunes in to Listen and Learn about SEO, PPC, Search Engine Marketing Training, Tools, Web Marketing Strategies, Effective Search Engine Marketing Techniques and more!

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