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Perspective on SEO from All Sides of the Fence


Business SEO Consulting Search engine optimization as an industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. Starting first as people building websites for themselves and others discovered the power of meta tags and words on the page, SEO has evolved to become an important part of the internet marketing industry.

Todd Malicoat of StuntDubl.com will share his perspective on SEO as someone involved as a client, a do-it-yourselfer and as a consultant. He will address the benefits and pitfalls of each.

  Recorded Live October 27, 2006

The Consumer Perspective on SEO

Many people jump right in and build or have someone build a website for them. They figure the next logical step is marketing and in the traditional world, they would be correct. However, in the search marketing world and specifically when it comes to search engine optimization, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration before even starting the build of a website.

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Do-it-Yourself SEO

Perhaps your budget doesn't allow for outsourcing search engine optimization but you still want to do what you can to rank for your keywords in the search engines. Or at the very least you would like some visibility in the directories. I mean, how hard can it be, right?

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Becoming a SEO Consultant

People become consultants for many reasons. Perhaps they were doing it themselves for their own website and started helping others. Or perhaps they were drawn to the industry because they were ready for a new challenge in their life. People choose career paths for all sorts of reasons and today Todd will share some of his own and tell us what it's like to be a consultant.

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Is There a Future for SEO?

A couple of years ago people were predicting that SEO would soon be a thing of the past. Were they wrong or just off base a bit?

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Business Search Marketing Consulting
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Todd Malicoat Summary

An independent internet marketing consultant and the founder of StuntDubl.com, Todd Malicoat chats with eMarketing Talk Show hosts Cindy Turrietta and Todd Sarouhan about SEO from all sides of the fence i.e. from a client’s perspective, a do-it-yourself perspective as well as from the perspective of an SEO consultant.

Involved in SEO and Internet marketing since 2001, Todd Malicoat began his career creating websites in 1997. A former Internet Marketing Consultant at System And Market Services of America (SAMSA), he has in the past has managed projects as well as the Internet marketing of a number of businesses, ranging from small firms to large corporations. With the SEO Industry growing in leaps and bounds over the last decade, Todd Malicoat in this show shares his views on Search Engine Optimization and its different perspectives.

According to Malicoat before you hire an SEO, be it a consultant or an agency, it is important for people to ask certain important questions. When searching for a consultant or company, one of the best ways is to go and search for an online listing. This will help you see what other companies are doing as well as find references.

On his preference of working with an SEO consultant or an SEO agency, Todd says it mainly depends on your needs. “Often smaller companies just need a push in the right direction.” In this case a consultant is probably a good start. But it also depends on what your needs are and the in-house resources at your disposal i.e. what you have to work with.

When asked if a consultant or agency should depend on the size of the company or website, Todd says that is should depend on your needs. If your need is to do Pay Per Click, SEO and shopping feeds along with a complete redesign or everything all at once almost, then its good to use an agency because they will tie it all together. But if you just want to know more about SEO and perhaps only do PPC then consultants are probably a good avenue.

Advocating the need for an SEO specialist to be involved from the onset of a project Todd Malicoat feels that the process side of creating a website is in reality project management. It’s making sure that “all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted” and from this perspective there are a number of ways that you can create a website. There are different ways to set up your webs server, as well as different ways you can design your site for usability. It’s all these little things that play a big role in SEO.

On the subject of DIY or Do-It-Yourself SEO, Malicoat says “SEO is definitely not rocket science and I think sometimes it just gets pitched that way because it’s easy to do so and it seems overwhelming from the onset.” One of the main keys of understanding SEO is learning who to listen to and who to learn from. “The difficult part is that you have to be constantly learning.” Figuring out where to learn from is also very hard, because if you listen to the wrong people or if you learn from the wrong places then you can get sites banned, or worse you might never rank at all.

On his SEO philosophy Todd Malicoat says that he thinks of all things business and online marketing related as SEO. His advice to people who want to learn more about SEO is to read the ‘Search Engine Ranking Factors’ on Rand Fishkin’s website SEOmoz.com. Reading this a couple of times, according to Malicoat, explains 95% of the SEO process.

Of the best blogs to learn SEO, his favorites are Rand Fishkin’s SEOmoz.com and Aaron Wall’s SEObook.com, where one can find other blog listings as well as quality information. The main reason for this, Malicoat says, is that these sites don’t have any bias and they are not trying to pitch people

In the third segment of the program, Todd talks about becoming an SEO Consultant and encourages people to get into internet marketing. He feels that an in-house job is a great place to start learning as you have fewer responsibilities.

When asked if he thought the industry had reached it saturation point, Todd thinks that there is still a lot of room, even in-house positions are in huge demand. For him the biggest responsibility of an SEO consultant is “finding a way for the return to be there for your customers.”

According to Todd, the future of SEO is bright with older processes fading away and giving rise to newer techniques. For him, things such as Meta tags, Meta descriptions, and Meta keywords are now less and less important along with Alt Tags as well. What is needed now are newer ways of improving SEO.

“In the end it’s all about the user. Reaching actual users is much more important than getting off topic users.” According to Malicoat, SEO is now all about encouraging people to vary their anchor text and as well as use their keywords and anchor text when people are linking to them. With websites getting harder and harder to rank, it’s going to be more worthwhile to be ranked in the first top 10 sites.


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